Exam cancellation according to UGC


“As per the UGC Act, State governments cannot take this decision. Unlike school education, which is on the State list, higher education is on the concurrent list. UGC and AICTE [All India Council for Technical Education] directives have to be implemented. It is there in the Act,” Higher Education Secretary Amit Khare said. “It is not permissible for States to do like this. UGC does have the power to take action. First we will try to take States on board.” Commission said it would tell States which had already cancelled examinations to comply with the fresh directions.

However, in what is fast becoming a political battle, with Congress leader Rahul Gandhi calling for the cancellation of exams, several non-BJP ruled States which had already cancelled exams — Punjab, Maharashtra, Odisha and West Bengal — have written to the Centre saying they did not wish to conduct exams on their states. On Monday, Delhi joined them as the first State to cancel exams after the UGC guidelines were issued, citing the fear of COVID-19 cases spreading.

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