UGC on exams : Plea of Adhitya Tackeray , SC instructs Universities to chart their on plan of Action


  • Yuva Sena Leader Adhitya Tackeray has filed a petition against the commencement of exams for final year students during this pandemic season. SC heard the petition yesterday Morning. As instructed by UGC exams were meant to take place from September 30th onwards.

    Adhitya Tackeray said that Nowhere in world people are judged by an exam . He instructed to consider the average of the other semester exams result to make the students pass their final semester exams . He also put forward the turmoil regarding incomplete syllabus, proximity of virus affection for teachers and students. Everywhere in world Universities are closed and exams are cancelled. Some colleges which are not affiliated to UGC has cancelled this semester due to corona outbreak.

    UGC and HRD insist to commence their exams even during this pandemic days. Safety of students and teachers are put in a question mark . Students of Kerala are in total bewilderement. Today Kerala recorded highest of corona cases that is above 1000 affected cases.

    Rahul Gandhi
    #speakupforstudents was the hashtag put forward by MP and congress leader Rahul Gandhi , who also spoke up for the students who are forced to attend the exams. Student representatives are also very much into this matter. Hoping a positive response from the part of SC.

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