Passion Fruit is Passion


We are all familiar with passion fruit plant which grows anywhere in any climatic conditions. It produces fruits in yellow and some purple in colour . Most of us are not aware of the health benefits of passion fruit. The juice extracted from passion fruit is tasty and healthy.

The passion fruit juice is found to maintain mental stress. Many of the foreign countries use passion fruit as a peace provider . Passion fruit is also used solve sleeping issues and to get adequate sleep.

The mouth ulcers caused by the deficiency of Vitamin b can also be cured with Passion fruit juice . It also serves as a good cure for dry cough.
Passion fruit is filled with abundant levels of Vitamin b6 Vitamin b2, It has iron which helps to increase levels of haemoglobin. It also helps to regulate thyroid activities in our body.

Patients with high blood pressure can also prefer passion fruit, this helps to maintain and reduce the sugar levels in blood .Yellow and purple coloured passion fruit is rich in Provitamin. This Beta-carotene reaches liver and then transfer into anti – oxidants. This prevents Malicious diseases like Cancer ,and problems related to heart.

Passion fruit also helps to maintain blood pressure and increases immunity in high levels. Beta-carotene helps in growth of teeth and bones. This is also a best medicine for astma symptoms.

It also helps for weight loss when consumed as whole. Passion fruit seeds are also edible when consuming as a whole.

Passion fruit is so beneficial for children and adults too , so whenever consuming remember those benefits and stay healthy during these lockdown period. Improve your immunity and we could fight together against the Malicious virus.

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