Advantages of Online Learning


Advantages of Online Learning

During this corona season , Students are mostly into online classes and tuitions . Parents are more concerned about the students in 10th and 12th grade. They fear that this corona may play serious issues with their scoring and future . But online classes has got its advantages to get highlighted.

Minimal socializing

Children are more prone to get affected by this malicious virus. So it’s the duty of everyone responsible to make sure that they are into very less socializing. So online classes provide us with that facility. Students can stay safe indoors.

Cost effective

There is no need of children to pay their expenses other than for study materials and tuition fees. Fees for transportation, mess fee and hostel fee can be saved . Good news for parents that their children don’t spent too much of pocket money too ! As they don’t make use of lab facilities of schools ,tuition fees are also compartively less .

Student – centred learning and teaching process

Teachers can too concentrate on each student respectively. Parents also get enough time to focus on their children’s studies. Online tests and it’s marks are made known to parents and it help them keep a track of their students learning process. Students those who need more attention are given more time by the teachers of the respective subjects. Evn parents can suggest this option.


Students are provided with the facility to record the online classes and listen to them whenever needed. Some of the schools has their own YouTube channels and websites which has all those facilities of accessing to the recored classes. Students get access to the classes anywhere anytime.

Students are reliable in their on. Nobody is there to push them to learn . It is their own responsibility to learn. Online classes can in a way or other make them responsible for learning. They keep track on their on lessons. Find ways to understand the concept better through online tuition applications etc.
This can really help the parents bother less about their students learning process .

So we can conclude that remote learning has got its own advantages too.

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