Your online classes turned into “Masti ki Pathshala”? Know how to control it…

Here is what you must know, says Devanshi Singh


If there is something that students love the most, it is to trouble their teachers, interrupt the classes and evade studies. No matter what the teachers do to control them, they always find a way to counteract that.

When teachers thought of teaching them online during lockdown, they found out ways to get the attendance without actually having to study. The major reason why teachers are not able to control their students during online classes is because they are not familiar with the online platforms. Teachers used various online platforms to conduct classes during this lockdown but they couldn’t use all the options provided in the platforms. Had they been familiar with it, they could have conducted the classes more efficiently.

Here are a few suggestions for teachers using Webex, that may be applied on other online platforms as well, to conduct their online classes efficiently. . Zoom in for online classes….

    • Use the ‘Mute on Entry’ option so the students don’t start making noise when they enter. The ‘Mute All’ option can also be used to maintain silence. In case you want to ask a question, you can unmute that student and he/she can then answer. If a student has a doubt, then they can raise their hands (there is an option for this too) and you unmute them and ask them what their doubt is.
    • Whenever someone shares content by sharing screen or using whiteboard, their usernames are displayed on top. In case someone is displaying anything inappropriate, then you can easily identify the student by their username and take action.
    • Ask your students to not switch on their videos unless asked otherwise. Not only will this create less disturbance in the meeting but also improve the quality of their incoming audio and video by using the internet speed that would have been wasted in sharing their videos.

  • Utilize the Move to lobby and the expel options. If someone is creating disturbance, then use these features to maintain discipline in the class. Expel option will remove the student completely from the class while move to lobby option will require teacher’s permission to enter the class again.
  • Ask your students to include their roll numbers in their usernames. This will help you in taking attendance as all the students will then be arranged in alphabetical order in the list. It will also make identifying them easier if they do something wrong or if they raise their hands.
  • Tell the students not to send useless messages in the chat section and take action against those who do so.
  • Remove the people who seem to have fake or unrelated usernames.
  • Students often start the class and go off to sleep or start doing some other work during the lecture and come back at the time of attendance. To prevent this, keep asking them short questions randomly during the lecture.

Make sure your net connection is good and try to sit in a quiet place. If an error occurs during the class, don’t take advises from unreliable students. Only ask those whom you trust.

There are many online platforms, apart from Cisco Webex, available for conducting online classes. Try to explore different platforms and use the best one that you think is best for your classes.

Devanshi  Singh
Dhule, Maharashtra

The bloopers of online classes……

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