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Is COVID-19: A disaster for lives..

Novel Corona virus also known as COVID-19 is a disease caused by sever acute respiratory syndrome crornavirus-2(SARS-CoV-2). This was first identified in the city of Wuhan in China during December of 2019; this is the reason why this disease is also known as Wuhan Corona virus or Wuhan pneumonia. This virus is the part of the family of Coronaviruses which is mainly infectious in bats.

How it spreads?

Coronavirus mainly spread from one person to another through physical contact or through respiratory droplets produced when the infected person sneezes. These droplets can settle on any surface making it contaminated and when a healthy person touches it, he or she gets infected by the disease. The life of the virus on different surfaces varies up to 72 hours. On copper it is maximum for 4 hours, on cardboard 24 hours, on stainless steel it is 2-3 days and on plastic it is 3 days.

What are the symptoms?

The common symptoms of this disease
include fever, cough, and muscle pain, shortness of breath, sputum production, diarrhea and
sore throat. This at a higher risk can even
cause symptoms of pneumonia and multi-
organ failure. The time from getting infected
to showing of symptoms is generally between two to maximum of fourteen days.


One should take precautions for this as the proper medicine or vaccine to this has not been developed yet. One should maintain distance from infected person, should make themselves in isolation and should wear mask if they are experiencing any of the symptoms. Should wash hands frequently, and should carry hand sanitizers with themselves. Avoid touching eyes, nose and mouth frequently. Cough and sneeze on elbow in lack of tissues. These preventions are the only source to stop the spread of this disease.
This virus has caused a pandemic across the whole world, according to WHO on 11th march 2020. It is said through a study that people who are old or already have some chronic disease like cancer, diabetes, etc are more prone towards getting infected. This does not mean that healthy people cannot get it, but because their immune system is strong the chances are less.

Myths regarding corona

There are many myths regarding this, there is no evidence that this virus cannot get transmitted in hot or cold weather, it cannot be transmitted through mosquitoes or dogs or any other animal. Taking hot bath or drinking hot water or alcohol cannot kill the viruses which have already entered the body.


Recent numbers

According to recent numbers, Globally 35,00,617 cases have been reported along with 2,45,048 deaths.Before sometimes the region wise numbers were as follows..
For west pacific region the cases are almost 95,637 along with 3,473 deaths.
In European region 1,71,424 cases with 8,743 deaths.
South-East region has 1,776 cases with total 58 deaths.
The Eastern Mediterranean region has reported 25,375 with 1,714 deaths. Regions of America have 37,016 with 465 and African region has 990 with 23 deaths.
In India the number of cases has reached to 451 with deaths of 9. In this 37 persons have been cured with proper care. The most of the cases in India are the people who are foreign returned


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