Tesseract  2k20 : Where Innovation met aestheticism 

Penned by Mamta from GNIT


Whenever people around me talk about any event they have encountered, my mind goes into the flashback of the technical event ‘Tesseract 2k20’which was organized by my college “Guru Nanak Institute of Technology”, Sodepur and happened just a day before today. So, when I was asked to describe my college’s technical fest, my fingers started typing it as if it became an automated typewriter. This is my passion for my college fest.

The event took place in the GNIT(Guru Nanak Institute of Technology, Sodepur) Campus on the 14th and 15th of march. The college was decorated with banners and posters and all other necessary arrangements were done. Many technical experts were called as event guests and judges. They cross-checked our models several times.
Naveen Vidyarthi Award: Prizes for everyone

My class was told to split into different teams consisting of 6 members each. There were many events such as model making, poster presentation, debate, quiz, Robo war, coding competition and many more.
It was made compulsory for us to participate in at least 3 events under the ‘Naveen Vidyarthi Award’.There were amazing prizes for the winners of every event.

“Unbeatables” was concern about aged one

As said earlier, I also made my team and named it as ‘ Unbeatables’ My team made an ‘ automated smart chair’ which runs with the help of solar energy. It was made basically for the old people who are unable to walk and work properly and can be easily controlled with the help of smartphones and the Blynk app. We are even thinking about its modifications. It had LDR sensors that could sense darkness.

Debates & Quiz with chess added flavor

There were several other models too. I participated only in 4 events. I participated in debate but was out of the race in the semi-finals and was defeated by a senior group of 3rd year. I also participated in the quiz and Terranova but was in vain. One of my team members participated in Chess and even won it.

The event was amazing and i loved it. It even inspired me to do the best in the next technical fest and make something innovative which could help the society.

Ist day Robowar rocked

In Robowar, there was a super exciting fight between two bots at a time just like it happens in a boxing ring. Two bots came down at the ring which was from different colleges across Kolkata. The y were mainly made to fight with each other and the one has to knock out the other just like it happens in a Boxing match. There were bots from many different colleges like Techno India, Jadavpur University, Narula Institute of technology, JIS University and many more along with the team of our college GNIT. For every two teams, there were organized three rounds each of 5 minutes in which the winner of that part was decided and the winner was qualified for the next round in which the team had to fight against another team which won the round in another group.

In the end, the last round held and the winner was decided. The program was awesome and it was fun to watch. This event took place on the 1st day of Fest.

Bots race at Terranova

Another event was Terranova which was like a racecourse but not for cars but for bots. In this event, bots were made to go through a racecourse with different kinds of obstructs and were given a time limit differently for different levels of rounds. The track was started simply with simple barriers like high ups and downs which was further increased to moving plates, coal, board with nails in it and even dug with water. The teams were placed in the final round after going through many rounds. The teams were allowed with 7 hand touches and 5 skips of the pathway. After 5 touches the team was allowed for hand touch but with a penalty of 45 seconds which were detected from their given time limit for completing the pathway. The team which completed the pathway with minimum skips and hand touches and in a very short period of time won the game. This event took place both on the 1st and 2nd days of the fest.

Awareness about Corona

The other events were wall painting, gaming events like PUBG, outdoor events like archery and many more. This time, Tesseract was much grander than the previous year. There were awareness events such as awareness for COVID -19 events, feminism, child trafficking, etc. The event was altogether a complete package of information, learning, and inspiration.

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