Online classes can’t replace the traditional one

Sahara Dibyadarshini Says that overlapping of voice, internet speed etc are creating problem in new initiative


Chintanīyā hi vipadām ādāveva pratikriyā | 
Na kūpakhananam yuktam pradīpte vahnīna grhe || 

One must always be prepared for the worst situation. It is too late to show concern and take remedial steps after facing a calamity. Just like it is futile to dig a well when the house is already on fire.

Due to the covid 19 pandemic, our career is at stake. Schools, colleges and universities are in sine die position. There is no certainty of the examination process. So, a great initiative that has been put into effect is “online class” since the classroom sessions cannot be held due to social distancing norms. In the short run, online classes are beneficial as the exams are on our head and there’s no fixed schedule for it. Therefore preparing beforehand is always the better option. However, in the long run it won’t be much effective. Listening to the lectures online! How easy it sounds but is not unfortunately. Not everyone has internet accessibility, not all have good network system. Moreover, according to reports 70% of the student mass are affected due to the unavailability of the required resources. In addition to it, the overlapping of voices is high. The teacher student interaction is not as good as in a physical classroom. But we are to appear the exams at some point of time and it is rightly said that “something is better than nothing” . So supporting this initiative would be tremendous in the short run.

Sahara Dibyadarshini

BJB Autonomous College

Bhubaneswar, Odisha

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